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After taking down a gang of drug dealers, Batgirl gets a text from her ex-schoolmate Melissa. Their former classmate Jacob Cesaro has been brought in the hospital where she volunteers thrice in a month. She fears Jacob has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and Barbara promises to look into it. She liked Jacob. He was also a cop's son, but one day his father didn't come back. She doesn't want to lose another friend to Gotham's darkness.

At night, Batgirl follows Jacob to Gotham's largest server farm. She sees him talking to two armed men and entering the building. Batgirl sneaks into, takes several armed thugs down and confronts Jacob, who is messing with Gotham's central servers. She tries to persuade him into coming with her, but Jacob tells her to leave.

Two-Face chooses that time to make his presence known. Batgirl turns her back on Jacob, fires a tranq gun at Two-Face's henchmen and demands to know what he is up to now. Two-Face tells his plan is to blackmail Gotham after shutting its whole infrastructure down. Taking advantage of her distraction, Jacob knocks Batgirl out, and then Two-Face.

When Batgirl comes to, Jacob has tied them both up and put a gun to Two-Face's head. Jacob reveals it was Two-Face's gang who killed his father off. So he infiltrated his gang and waited for one chance to kill him. Then he reveals Two-Face's true plan is to blow half Gotham up, and the server shutdown is a distraction. Batgirl tries to convince Jacob to stop the bombs, but he argues Gothamites needs to learn they can't always be saved the way his father wasn't.

Batgirl tears off her bonds and pries Jacob's gun from his hands. Jacob asks why she didn't let him kill Two-Face. He cries he has nothing left, not even parents, thanks to Gotham. Batgirl tries to talk him down, but he exploits her lowered guard to trigger the bomb sequence. Jacob gloats she can't get through all encryption layers within six minutes, but she proves him wrong.

Later, the Gotham City Police Department has cordoned off the area and Commissioner Gordon congratulates Batgirl for achieving something almost impossible. Batgirl thanks him for being alive and slinks off.

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