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From the co-creator of Tiny Titans and Superman of Smallville, Art Baltazar comes the newest adven-ture of his latest and greatest character! Gillbert, the young merman prince, and his friends, the telekinet-ic Anne Phibian and Sherbert the orange turtle journey to the island of Orange Turtles to meet Sherbert's turtle family. But why do they think they're being followed? They soon discover that Sherbert is one of the rarest of the orange turtles--orange with orange spots. What does this mean? How rare is he? Rare enough to catch the attention of the strange Shark Beast and the mysterious Sea Weed creature. But who are these two guys? What exactly are their intentions? Are they friends...or foes?  Perhaps the is-land of Orange Turtles may give us, as well as Gillbert, Sherbert, and Anne, the answers...or some unex-pected surprises.

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