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Okay horror fans, check out these blood-soaked and brain-damaged gore-tests that make up the next volume of Voodoo. Packed full with the likes of 'Tusks of Terror!' In colonial India, the sadistic Colonel Rankin frames the Indian lover of his daughter for theft and sentences him to death. But Ahmed Rai reincarnates as a wild boar and pierces Rankin to death. 'The King of Hades' Gangster Johnnie Grotz is killed by his rivals and goes to Hell to be tormented by Satan. However he steals Satan's trident thus giving him control over him and all of his minions. Returning to the surface, Johnnie gets revenge on his enemies. After returning to Hell, Johnnie humiliates Satan by getting him to shine his shoes. When Johnnie mistakenly drops the trident, a vengeful Satan reclaims it and plans to make Johnnie suffer! Collects Voodoo #10-14 (July 1953-March/April 1954).

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